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  • Cat Cuddles Iguana
    Views: 14923

    This is very warm when you see such different animals have this kind of intimacy relationship.

  • Doorkeeper Dog
    Views: 6515

    It takes its job seriously. However, I am a little concerned that door must be getting frustrated.

  • Dog Attacks Shadows
    Views: 7140

    And then the shadows comes along and play with the dog.

  • Dog Steals Kids Sled
    Views: 2469

    The dog thinks it does better than the kid, so it does that.

  • Skiing Dogs
    Views: 2317

    In situations like this I wish I was a dog. So Fun!

  • Dancing Dog
    Views: 2559

    The puppy really knows how to shake it. It is better than many people in the club.

  • Puppy Plays Spring
    Views: 1964

    "I need to get a hang of it."

  • Addorable Puffy Puppy
    Views: 1785

    "Where is your ears, puppy?"

  • Go Doggy
    Views: 1781

    Go, doggy! Then she falls down.

  • A dog keeps swimming after the owner takes it out of water.



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