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  • Shadow Sword Fight
    Views: 3001

    That is awesome. I wonder how many time has he practiced to pull out these tricks.

  • That is awesome! I wonder how much time it takes to pull out these tricks.

  • Amazing Rugby Tricks
    Views: 1806

    The New Zealand All Blacks show off some pretty incredible skills.

  • A Normal Day
    Views: 1785

    An incredible compilation of normal day trick shots! Everything flies into thing with unbelievable accuracy. The normal day isn't normal.

  • Crazy Batting Skill
    Views: 1901

    Minor leaguer Josh Womack shows off some cool baseball tricks. I think it takes more than that to get to the big leagues!

  • Insane Biking Skills
    Views: 6138

    Some amazing biking tricks filmed outside a market in Abene, Senegal. Nicely done!

  • Tractor Tricks
    Views: 6116

    It really does look like that things going right over, but somehow the driver manages to keep it up.

  • A bunch of NFL stars pull off the most impressive and unbelievable football tricks you'll ever see!

  • A Senegal Parrot sets a world record of performing 20 parrot tricks in just 2 minutes.

  • Insane Car Stunt
    Views: 1490

    A crazy driver does some dangerous stunts in a public square of Amsterdam, Holland.


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