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  • Cyclist VS Truck
    Views: 2715

    After his cyclist's epic fail, he put this all on the truck driver.

  • That is why you have to get snow tires in winter.

  • Lucky Racecar Driver
    Views: 1708

    The driver is just a few inches away from death.

  • Multitasking Driver
    Views: 3152

    This driver is reading a book, playing ipad, and talking on the phone while he is driving and endangering the lives of his and others.

  • I don't think he was planning on the driver going in reverse.

  • A Lizard Makes a big bubble by its big fart, and the big fart sound drives people away.

  • Hot Girl Bra Tool Box
    Views: 4022

    The girl can put tools in her bra, such as screw driver. However, who cares what this girl's going on about, she could be talking about a jabberwocky eating marshmallows on Mars while doing the can-can & Id still be transfixed by that beautiful chest of hers. As long she undoes her top she can do what she wants.

  • Roundabout Shortcut
    Views: 4325

    One of the most ridiculous hit and runs you'll ever see. Do you think it's a male or female driver?

  • The trick is hard to control, but it drives the goal keeper crazy.

  • Car Drift Fails
    Views: 1946

    He almost took out the motorcycle.


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