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  • Ducks Hold Up Traffic
    Views: 44100

    "You human have traffic, we ducks also have our own traffic. Don't care of this human, they take up all the space already. Come on, buddies, let us walk like a boss."

  • They don't care much about the close call, they quite enjoy it.

  • Skateboarder VS Car
    Views: 12578

    For Skateboarder, car totally comes out of nowhere.

  • They have the same skill ,same car, same line.

  • Among all these Japanese cartoon, you will find out they are all similar.

  • It just hides in besides the bush, waits for the car, and tries to catch it. It is like a cop who is trying to catch speeding cars.

  • Drive by Head Bang
    Views: 1776

    The guy gets a serious head bang by low ceilings in a parking place while his is standing out of the sun roof of a driving car.

  • Not surprising, his favorite carnival ride is bumper cars.

  • This dude fails hard as he back-flips across the room into a mirror. That's a big ol' mirror, should he get more than 7 years bad luck?

  • Just one simple mistake, It ruins the racing. I think he must play too much Mario Kart.


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