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  • The effect of tossing boiling water in freezing cold weather, filmed in Yellowknife, Canada.

  • Crazy Fast Rapper
    Views: 2318

    It's almost like he recorded himself and sped up the audio!

  • Skiing Dogs
    Views: 2317

    In situations like this I wish I was a dog. So Fun!

  • Though he gains a little weight, he still gets the skills. Behold, Ronaldo's amazing undercut kick!

  • A store clerk chases out robber with a samurai sword. That is the spirit, every store should be armed with a samurai sword.

  • 9-year-old figure skater Starr Andrews shows why she's probably going to be a future Olympian!

  • Two Babies Laughing
    Views: 1988

    I'm sure this is the first of many laughs these twin brothers will share in life!

  • Some incredible technique and coordination! Wonder how much practice that took?

  • A homeless man on the side of the road gives us a taste of his golden radio voice. Somebody seriously needs to give this guy a job already.

  • Jorge Narvaez and his adorable daughter Alexa perform a cover of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros song, 'Home'.



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