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  • Everyone loves a shot to the groin, especially if it is Brett Favre.

  • Cat in Bee Costume
    Views: 6402

    "You dress me up as a bee. If you don't take it off me, I am going to play dead!"

  • Man Vs Woman at Exit
    Views: 1997

    The Woman takes the Exit, and the man slides his foot out smoothly and make the woman Fall. It sounds a even trade.

  • Thieves Steal ATM
    Views: 1915

    This job definitely didn't go as smoothly as planned! I wonder how far they actually got?

  • So awkward that only one player knew what to do in that situation: punish the other team.

  • A funny way to make a stunt exactly in front of the police!

  • I doubt he picked up any women after this mishap. Who dose break-dance at a bar anyways?

  • The boy sets off a coke can and mentos bomb in a tennis court, and it backfires on him.

  • Eight Bit Human MTV
    Views: 1633

    Really great creative Music Video. It reminds me 8-bits game I used to play.

  • Dog Pisses on Bride
    Views: 1808

    The dog reminds me that it just marks the territory, and will go doggy tonight.


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