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  • A funny way to make a stunt exactly in front of the police!

  • I doubt he picked up any women after this mishap. Who dose break-dance at a bar anyways?

  • The High Speed Wheelie Fail Because low-speed isn't entertaining enough!

  • Skateboard Fails
    Views: 2293

    Now you watch, you learn that.

  • The boy sets off a coke can and mentos bomb in a tennis court, and it backfires on him.

  • Kid Owned by Karma
    Views: 2009

    The boy tries to reach outside of a moving car to hit a kid on a bicycle, and ends up getting hit by another car.

  • This poor woman didn't see a basement door open behind her, and she Falls Through Trap Door when she takes a step back.

  • Bike Split Fails
    Views: 1849

    It’s only a three second video, but it can easily turn into a 30 second clip if you keep pressing the replay button (which I guarantee you will at least once).

  • Kayak Surfing Fails
    Views: 2910

    It was all fun until the inevitable happened

  • Car Drift Fails
    Views: 1961

    He almost took out the motorcycle.


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