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  • A Swiss woman crashes an emergency helicopter while she tries to land at a European air show.

  • Two Crazy Kids in Russia jump straight off a 5 Stories building into a pile of snow.

  • Enoshima Aquarium (Fujisawa, Japan) has released some time-lapse footage of a molting Japanese spider crab (Macrocheira kaempferi), whose 3.8 meter (12 ft 6 in) leg span makes it the world’s largest arthropod species. The video was shot over a 6-hour period.

  • This guy escapes hardly from an out of control truck which came crashing towards him!

  • This big bully cat was a little big jealous of kittens pimp hat, but it shouldn't slap the cute kitty.

  • Any driver who decides to underestimate this barrier is in for some big trouble!

  • Congressman Bob Etheridge Assaults a student who just asks him a simple question on a Washington sidewalk.

  • Lucky Bus Bystander
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    The bystander almost gets hit by the flipping bus.

  • Marc Webber gets some serious airtime after crashing during the 2010 European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain.

  • Creepy Realistic Mask
    Views: 1414

    This Hollywood style mask is made of chicken skin, and it looks so realistic!


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