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  • Cats Boxing
    Views: 2063

    The right one takes advantage of its vicious hook pull off the other's fur, but the wrist control is illegal in boxing?

  • "Just don't bother me, Let me sleep!"

  • Besides its shell, it gets another armor to protect him and escape cat.

  • Evil Hamster Attack
    Views: 3871

    That guy should seriously get checked out for rabies!

  • The Boston Celtics should seriously consider this guy as some sort of mascot. That was just epic!

  • Hopefully he doesn't make the mistake of getting on their bad side!

  • This middle school football team pulls off one of the most sneakiest plays ever!

  • Amazing Rugby Tricks
    Views: 1834

    The New Zealand All Blacks show off some pretty incredible skills.

  • Scared of Heights
    Views: 2572

    Does it make you dizzy? These Russian kids come up with a pretty insane way to kill some time.

  • Ninja Kick Fail
    Views: 1882

    Why doesn't he just punch, since he sucks at kicking.


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