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  • This fat cat gets behind a TV and knocks it off the table while this poor guy was doing situps! Knocks him right out!

  • Skiing Dogs
    Views: 2317

    In situations like this I wish I was a dog. So Fun!

  • Zebra Likes Rhino
    Views: 1981

    It seems that The zebra thought the rhino is a unicorn, and it like its horn.

  • It just hides in the Christmas sock and wait for Santa's present.

  • It just wants to hug the crown.

  • Dancing Dog
    Views: 2559

    The puppy really knows how to shake it. It is better than many people in the club.

  • Kitty follows its owner to do exercise. With an pretty owner like that, It will do whatever she like.

  • The two crows get credits of distracting the white cat, and the black cat makes the main attract. No surprise, the black team wins.

  • It just hides in besides the bush, waits for the car, and tries to catch it. It is like a cop who is trying to catch speeding cars.

  • Cats Boxing
    Views: 2056

    The right one takes advantage of its vicious hook pull off the other's fur, but the wrist control is illegal in boxing?


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