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  • Did not see that coming thought it was a girl, With tiny boobs not like a guy wow deceiving indeed.

  • Cat Sooths Crying Baby
    Views: 64956

    Did the cat kiss the baby at 00:57?

  • Must check out this in-creditable video! Can you believe fish can swim in the sky?

  • Ducks Hold Up Traffic
    Views: 44103

    "You human have traffic, we ducks also have our own traffic. Don't care of this human, they take up all the space already. Come on, buddies, let us walk like a boss."

  • Storm Cloud Face
    Views: 73981

    It is unbelievable. A Storm Cloud forms into a huge face in the sky. Some people think it is the face of god, others think it is a devil face. What do you think?

  • What a cute Kitten with such good spirit. - "Don't look at it as a door, look at it as a challenge." -"challenge accepted".

  • Real Mountain Biking
    Views: 19053

    Check out his guy, He really has no concept of danger while biking on the side of a mountain.

  • Cat Cuddles Iguana
    Views: 14923

    This is very warm when you see such different animals have this kind of intimacy relationship.

  • Doorkeeper Dog
    Views: 6514

    It takes its job seriously. However, I am a little concerned that door must be getting frustrated.

  • Dog Attacks Shadows
    Views: 7139

    And then the shadows comes along and play with the dog.



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