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  • Steam Droid
    Views: 9103

    Use your gun to take down all the enemies, free the steam droids in over 14 levels and take on the final big boss. Visit the store to upgrade to triple shot, reverse shot, rockets, homing missiles, invincibility, armor, gun power and rapid fire speed!

  • Stickshot
    Views: 1487

    You play a role of blood-cold assassin caught up in a world of head shots, dead beats and back stabbers. Take good aim, work for the mob then work against them. Take down the big boss and you can finally retire for good. Use mouse to aim and shoot, space-bar to scope.

  • Johnny Copkill
    Views: 1322

    Johnny is surrounded by cops. Use a gun to shoot all of cops down while going on cops killing rampage over the city. Upgrade weapons and armor from given cash bonuses from officers shot. Use 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Tuscani Speed Shot
    Views: 1322

    Tuscani Speed Shot - Avoid the obstacles as you go as quick as you can!

  • Rapid Shot
    Views: 1362

    Rapid Shot - Put your hockey skills to the test.

  • Kick Off
    Views: 1268

    Kick Off - Play as the kicker and goalkeeper in this Flash soccer game. When it's your turn to kick, aim with the crosshair on the goal. With the left mouse button you can adjust the strength of your shot. But look out, the more power you put in, the less precise your shot will be. When playing as the goalkeeper, hit the left mouse button to initiate the kick. Then try to catch the ball with circle using your mouse.

  • King of Defenders
    Views: 1201

    King of Defenders - How many goals can you score in the tournament? Use your mouse to position the marker on the flight-path of the ball where you think you have the best chance of scoring. Click the left mouse button and drag away from the marker to set the angle of your shot.

  • Really Bend It Like Beckham - The object of the game is to make 3 goals from various points on the field as fast as you can. Click and hold on the ball and a red arrow will appear, you can aim your shot by moving your mouse which moves the red arrow. To bend your shot, watch the moving white ball. To bend the shot to the left, release the mouse button when the white ball is to the left. To bend the shot to the right, release the mouse button when the white ball is to the right.

  • Grandpa Launcher
    Views: 1404

    Grandpa is trying to escape from the old people's home, all the way to Panama... And his weapon of choice is a cannon! Game Instructions: Use your mouse to aim, then left click to build up power. Release your mouse when the power bar is near the top for a powerful shot! Use the WASD KEYS to control grandpa and left click to shoot while he is in the air.

  • Apache
    Views: 1243

    Apache - Have you got what it takes to become an Apache gunner, fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan? With Ed Macy as your expert pilot, you might just have what it takes. Play now to find out.


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