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  • the Jolls
    Views: 1576

    The Jolls' kids have run off, your goal in this puzzle game is to collect the kids. Each Joll only can collect the same colour kids. Drop the balls into the level and let it collect the kids. Use Space-bar or restart button to restart a level.

  • Gem Grab
    Views: 1339

    Try to collect all 30 gems to your treasure in this original physics puzzle coming from the same developer of perfect and imperfect balance!

  • Fisher Man Sam
    Views: 3145

    Try and catch as much fish as you can by aiming your harpoon at fish passing by, before the time runs out! Left and Right Key: Aim Down Key: Shoot Up: Retrieve

  • Connect the icons from World of Warcraft together with others that are the same with an opening. Use the mouse to click two same icons.

  • Hotel Management
    Views: 1191

    Try to run a hotel and keep all of your guests happy. It is up to you to show them to their rooms and make sure they find their way around the hotel. Install new facilities to attract new customers that are willing to spend more money. Make enough money every day to reach the level goal. Are you able to work hard and keep organized at the same time? Run your hotel as best you can. Use the mouse to guide the people to their desired locations. Work fast or your guests will lose patience. Buy upgrades to get a higher profit in the coming level.

  • My New Room
    Views: 1145

    Sitting on the same furniture, looking at the same decorations each and every day gets dull after a while. Surely it would be great if you could get rid of your old stuff and start all over again with some brand new things. This game lets you redecorate a room from scratch. You can try different styles and ambiences to see which suits you best. Decorate your room with any item you like. Select one of the group panels on the right side of the screen and select one of the items. Once an item is placed you can move it around, rotate it and change its position. To delete it, select it and click the trash can. You can change the colour of items, wallpaper and floor. You can also try to draw an item of your own, using the drawing tools.

  • Beauty Resort
    Views: 2120

    Do you have what it takes to run a successful beauty resort. Your customers will come in one after the other and it is up to you to keep them all happy. Try to fulfill their wishes as fast as you can and make sure the facilities are kept clean at the same time. Reach the goals of each day and you’ll advance to an even better beauty resort. Try to keep all your customer as happy as you can and earn enough money for the day. Click and drag the incoming customers to the requested treatment. After a while some facilities need cleaning do this by clicking the proper icon and then clicking the facility. If a customer requests an additional treatment but it is occupied, you can place the customer back in the waiting room. Try to keep all your customer as happy as you can to earn enough money for the day.

  • The Visitor
    Views: 1222

    Point and click game like Samorost in a horror alien setting. Itīs up to your own curiosity to figure out whats going on. Point and click, itīs up to your own curiosity to figure out whats going on. There are three possible endings in the last scene.

  • Pupzzle
    Views: 1260

    A fun little point andn click puzzle game coming from the same developer of Monkey GO Happy. Help Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks and make him happy! - designed for a younger audience - Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. Collect bones for extra score.

  • Flood Fill
    Views: 1172

    A clever puzzle game. Fill each piece of the puzzle with one of the four available colours. Don’t let pieces of the same colour touch (share a side). Can you beat all twenty levels? Fill the picture. Make sure the same colours aren't next to each other! Use the mouse, or keys [1, 2, 3, 4 or A, S, D, F] to switch colours.


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