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  • Creative Kill Chamber
    Views: 25183

    Creative Kill Chamber is a click and point game with action and shooting features. Escape the Creative Kill Chamber by killing your captors one by one.

  • Bridge Tactics
    Views: 3465

    Destroy as much of the bridge as possible, while killing enemy units! Click to place dynamite anywhere on the bridge. wait for the enemy to start crossing, the click on the dynamite to blow stuff up!

  • Flock Together
    Views: 3052

    Your friend has taken off into the sky, and now it's time to rescue him. Tether birds and find your way into the sky. Sell your birds for more ropes, and more birds to travel higher and further! Click the top right menu to release the bird. Use mouse to tether birds.

  • Alice is Dead Episode 3 is finally here! It is a point and click adventure game. Use your mouse to interactive throughout the twisted fairy tail.

  • Grow Valley
    Views: 2655

    Figure out how to get the perfect score with the right sequence. Click the 7 panels with your mouse in your selected order. Grow the Valley and find the 2 endings!

  • Crusade
    Views: 2688

    Crusade is a Physics "Break castle" game! Use your cannon to destroy the monsters. Select the angle and strength of the cannon, and double click the mouse to shoot.

  • 18 Goal Golf
    Views: 2261

    When two boring sports collide! Enjoy mini put style soccer, by clicking on the soccer ball and dragging it to get it to where you want it to go!

  • High Hoop
    Views: 1835

    Prove your excellence of getting through with this basketball game. Just aim at the basket and click over the mouse to pocket the ball into basket.

  • Civet Odyssey
    Views: 1442

    One day in the great Forest, A gust of wind blows away the belongings of your two best friends. Your mission is to help your friend to recover the missing item. Solve puzzles and use your point and click skills to progress. There are 3 different endings in this cute game.

  • Bobulous
    Views: 1436

    You play the role of captain Bobulous. Your goal is to eat all the aliens who are smaller than you in order to grow bigger. Avoid the larger aliens. Use the mouse to move and control, left click to drop a bomb after picking up it.


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