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  • Star Force ep1
    Views: 1465

    Use the mouse to move and go through the obstacles. Click the left mouse button or press space-bar to shoot the lasers. The first level introduces you to flying the ship, the second to shooting stuff. Level 3, 4 and 5 puts you up against the Star Force Alliance.

  • Animal Hunter
    Views: 1568

    Walk through the green forest, use your bow and arrow to shoot rabbits, ostrich, and flying eagles... Use Arrow keys to move, up/down to aim your bow, use the space-bar to adjust the power and shoot.

  • Maus Force Attack
    Views: 1339

    Control your air plane through enemy squadrons, Shoot down enemies' all kinds of helicopters and planes with bullets or bombs. Use ARROW KEYS to Move, hold 'A' KEY to shoot, press SPACE-BAR to drop a bomb.

  • Bad Birds
    Views: 1551

    Fans of Lemmings rejoice. The Bad Birds are blowing this pop-stand and they need your help! Make your escape by utilizing up to nine different jobs including: Diggers, Miners, Floaters and Bridge Builders!

  • Robo Blast
    Views: 1495

    Maneuver your robot into defeating the swarms of enemies in this action packed game. Use 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' to drive your robot. Your robot fires automatically, aim with your mouse. Space-bar for bomb attack.

  • A caged tiger escaped from the village. A cow and a sheep fled in panic due to this. You have to find all the three by using the clues given and bring the animals back to the village.

  • The aliens return from space. And they're bigger, meaner and uglier then ever. Defend earth with your alien-B-gone tank. Use Arrow Keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Animal Wars
    Views: 1521

    Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poopy gorillas wage war against each other. Battle across America, my friends! Press mouse to aim, release to shoot.

  • Answer a series of quick-fire quiz questions whilst perched perilously on the seat of a high-speed roller coaster. press number keys 1-4 to answer the questions.

  • Pixel Basher
    Views: 1404

    Arkanoid type game, where you use your paddle to keep the ball smashing through the levels. You also get upgrades, extra balls, and plenty more.


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