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Action Games

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  • Stickshot
    Views: 1482

    You play a role of blood-cold assassin caught up in a world of head shots, dead beats and back stabbers. Take good aim, work for the mob then work against them. Take down the big boss and you can finally retire for good. Use mouse to aim and shoot, space-bar to scope.

  • Johnny Deep
    Views: 1229

    You are a professional diver! Dive deeper and deeper to earn money. Use the money to buy and upgrade your equipments. Use Arrow keys to move, space-bar to shoot.

  • Johnny Copkill
    Views: 1317

    Johnny is surrounded by cops. Use a gun to shoot all of cops down while going on cops killing rampage over the city. Upgrade weapons and armor from given cash bonuses from officers shot. Use 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

  • The Helicopter
    Views: 1405

    Protect your base and destroy the waves of enemy. Build turrets, upgrade your weapons, pick up first aid kits to restore the energy. Use 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' to move, the mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Heliguardian War
    Views: 1438

    Build a massive military helicopters, upgrade defensive items and units, destroy all enemies and their base tower!

  • Conquer all five elemental trials as the Prince of Persia, testing your gaming skills in a variety of challenges. Compete with your friends for the highest score!

  • Battle Over Berlin 2
    Views: 1167

    Take to the skies as you take on rival forces in a fierce dogfight over Berlin! Use Arrow keys to move, 'Z' to shoot, 'X' to drop bomb.

  • Monster Flood
    Views: 1192

    You play the role of General Jack Hardman who is surrounded by million zombies. But you get guns and tons of ammo. General, go blast your way through an army of zombies. Use Arrow keys to move, space-bar to shoot, number keys to switch weapons.

  • Happy Hour
    Views: 1253

    Your mission is to try and get a girl… any girl! Use the cursor keys to wander around the bar and walk up to girls. When close to a girl press the space bar and then select which of the chat up lines you want to use by pressing space again. Be careful though – rejections will dent your pride and reduce your score... Try having a drink at the bar to give yourself a boost. Remember, if either your pride score hits zero or you run out of cash, that’s the end of your night. Keep a look out for dropped twenty pound notes. These will give your flagging finances a boost if picked up. To win, try and get as many love hearts as possible and prove that you’re Casanova – it’s harder than you think!

  • Super Playboy
    Views: 1228

    On a superhero planet somewhere in the universe, there was a man with great powers. He had a beautiful girlfriend, but still he cheated on her! Some day, our superhero was caught hanging out with another girl!


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