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Sport Games

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  • Powerpool
    Views: 1437

    A fast-paced, easy to get into game of pool that will keep coming with surprises. Sink the balls, get huge combos and have fun! Use your mouse to aim and shoot. The game is over when you run out of white balls, but you can win bonus white balls by getting large sink-streaks. Click the question mark any time if you want to see what all the power-ups balls do.

  • Molson Pro Hockey
    Views: 1549

    Molson Pro Hockey - Score as many goals as you can.

  • The Champions 2
    Views: 1404

    The Champions 2 - Choose your country and take on the world's best soccer teams. Move with the arrows. Press X to pass and C to shoot.

  • Rapid Shot
    Views: 1345

    Rapid Shot - Put your hockey skills to the test.

  • Kick Off
    Views: 1262

    Kick Off - Play as the kicker and goalkeeper in this Flash soccer game. When it's your turn to kick, aim with the crosshair on the goal. With the left mouse button you can adjust the strength of your shot. But look out, the more power you put in, the less precise your shot will be. When playing as the goalkeeper, hit the left mouse button to initiate the kick. Then try to catch the ball with circle using your mouse.

  • BMX Ghost
    Views: 1401

    BMX Ghost - Race against the ghost BMX, a recording of your previous best time! Six tracks to choose from, and an option to view your recordings.

  • 3 Point Shootout
    Views: 1483

    3 Point Shootout Game - Prove your shooting skills by getting as many points as possible within the time limit. Nice basketball Game.

  • Desi Auto
    Views: 1210

    Desi Auto - Reach every check point in the time limit to keep racing.

  • Top Spinner Cricke
    Views: 1343

    Align your cricket bat just right to hit the balls thrown at you. Highly addictive! Game Instructions: Use your mouse to move your bat.

  • Emirates FIFA World Cup Shootout - Try to score the penalties!


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